For the unveiling of the Real Madrid soccer team's new uniform kit, we were asked by "We Are Social" to produce a manifesto expressing the concept that greatness (grandeza) is in the community.

The look and feel of the home kit is all about community and celebration of the city that drives the product's story - the fountain of Cibeles. The home kit, inspired by this iconic landmark, is about feeling a connection to this grandeza. It is understanding how the circular fountain of Cibeles is a metaphor for a circle of community. Through this metaphor, the jersey represents the ever-present link of the club, fans, and city together as one. Our Grandeza is community.

The handmade, paper-textured art direction aesthetic uses craft to communicate community in a way that is organic, human, and visually engaging. The main challenge of this project was to blend archival footage, fan photos, and player videos using stop motion and collage. Knowing that we experimented with collage and photos, always having the new kit color code in mind to achieve a cohesive look throughout the film.

We wanted to move away from models and showcase the real influencers and people of Madrid, while also showing the players as themselves. Therefore, we launched the home kit by shooting real people from the city - people who are true Real Madrid fans.

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Movie: Real Madrid - Grandeza
Client: ADIDAS
Production Company:
Director: Diego Coutinho