Audible - Stories that Surround You

Audible, the preeminent audiobook producer and retailer, wanted to launch a new brand effort that conveyed the uniquely cinematic allure of listening to audiobooks.

Firstborn conceived and created a campaign that highlights the rich, immersive experience of listening to audiobooks and the range of Audible titles and genres available, enticing a new generation of consumers to download an audiobook for the first time.

The “Stories that Surround You” campaign shows a variety of listeners so engrossed in the listening experience that their environments change to reflect their chosen titles storylines.

My role here was Lead VFX artist and on-set VFX supervisor. With a short deadline this project just was possible because the talent and the passion of the team.

movie: Stories that Surround You
client: Amazon Audible
agency: Firstborn
director: Rich Lee

Producer: Angela Foster
ACD: Jonathan Kim
Lead VFX Artist: Bruno Ferrari
Matte Painting: Marco Iozzi
Compositing: Jacob Slutsky, Michael Garret, Tiffany Chung, Lee Towndrow, Jordan Carroll
3D Team: Jean Choi, Scott Denton
3D FX: Cassio Homa, Fernando Magalhaes