BassAwards Festival

Annecy's 2013 - official selection
Anima Mundi 2013 - official selection 

BassAwards, the International Awards for Broadcast Design, kindly invited Lobo to be a Brand Partner for its 2013 edition. Lobo contributed with a teaser and a promotional piece created in partnership with, calling for entries for categories ranging from television to film to video games.

Keeping with the spirit of the awards, whose objective is to reward creativity and excellence in design, we devised a storyline that represented in a metaphorical and symbolic way the workings of a designer’s mind during the creative process – from the throes of uncertainty before the blank page (or screen) to the “eureka” moment when everything finally comes together.

Visually, we took a cue from the very name of the awards, which pays tribute to the godfather of motion design, Saul Bass – and did its own homage to the venerable artist by referencing several of the film titles he devised for directors like Hitchcock, Preminger and many others. The main focus of the production team’s research was on his more abstract pieces, and that inspiration resulted in a dynamic stream of animations featuring geometric shapes that, however abstract, display a lively, smart personality throughout the film. A minimal color palette and a jazzy soundtrack (courtesy of another Brand Partner, Banjo Music) complete the overall 1950s feel.

This spot is really important for me, I had the pleasure to develop the storytelling, the script and create this piece putting all my creative thoughts with my great friend and Art Director Bruna Imai. Create a piece which reflects the career and the path of the great Saul Bass was an honor and we felt surprise and glad to be selected for the Annecy Festival 2013 .

Movie: Call for Entries
Client: BassAwards
Production Company:
Sound: Banjo Music

Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Lead Artists: Bruno Ferrari and Bruna Imai
Art Direction: Bruna Imai
Animation: Bruno Ferrari
Character Animation: D. Lee Peffer II