Coke Cup - Brazil

Art Directors Club 2012 - Silver Cube
CCSP Awards 2012 - Gold Star
Ciclope Festival 2011 - Silver Awards

In partnership with Vetor Zero/Animatorio, JWT created this spot to promote the Brazilian edition of the Coca-Cola Cup, a male and female teenage soccer tournament. The goal was to confer to the animation an unmistakably Brazilian mood, without resorting to worn out stereotypical symbols of our country. That's why the directors chose to convey this spirit through subtle means, like ambience, background elements, character design, and a warm-heartedness that permeates the whole spot. Not to mention the soundtrack, created by YB together with the AfroReggae group.

movie: Coca Cola Cup Brazil
client: Coke
agency: JWT Brazil
director: Nando Cohen and Guto Terni

CG Supervisor: Fabio Shiguemura & Tiago Dias
Compositing: Tiago Dias & Bruno Ferrari
Render TD: Tiago Dias