Ford Focus - Futuristics

2014 CCSP Festival - Silver
@ Art Direction and Visual Effects

2014 El Ojo de Iberoamérica - Bronze / Shortlist
@ Best Visual Effects / @ Best Art Direction

Vetor Zero / Lobo was invited by JWT to produce the "Futuristics" spot introducing the new Ford Focus. The film is a journey through the future as portrayed by great movies of cinema's history to bring life the idea behind the new Focus: in science-fiction films, cars speak, obey and drive by itself - and this is a reality at Ford's present day.

With live-action mixed with CGI, Vetor Zero / Lobo gives life to these futuristics and cinematographic worlds where the Ford Focus is the main star. The spot will be the first to be exhibited in a Cinema 4DX, giving a unique sensorial experience to the audience.

movie: Focus - Futuristics
client: Ford
agency: JWT
director: Mateus de Paula Santos / Nando Cohen

CG Supervisor: Cleverson Leal , Fabio Shigemura, Felipe Mattos
Matte Painter: Fred Palacio e Ricardo Riamonde
Compositors: Bruno Ferrari & Renato Carone
Nuke Assistant: Eduardo Lima