MCB - Inspiration

To call for entries to the 26th MBC Design Awards, held by Museu da Casa Brasileira, Leo Burnett Tailor Made created a film with the subject matter “Inspiration” – a key element of creation, but also something hard to predict and to identify its origin.

This animated spot proposes a humorous answer to those questions. With a concise, stylized art direction that plays with the language of infographics, it follows the path of a tomato seed, from sprouting to harvest, followed by the processing of the fruit until their transformation into spaghetti sauce. Finally, a drop of this sauce falls onto the eater’s shirt, and the shape of the stain inspires the contours of a chair of unusual design.

Produced by Vetor Zero/Lobo I had the opportunity to develop the storytelling and the script with my great friend and Art Director Bruna Imai and Lead the Motion Graphics team as well. Also was the first one I had the opportunity to work with my buddy Rafael Morinaga.

Movie: Inspiration
Client: Museu da Casa Brasileira
Agency: Leo Burnett
Production House: VetorZero Films
Creative Directors: Gabriel Nobrega & Guto Terni
Designers / Lead Artists: Bruno Ferrari and Bruna Imai
Art Director: Bruna Imai
Animators: Bruno Ferrari, Rafael Morinaga and Diego Coutinho
3D: Fernando Magalhães