VW SpaceCross - Legends

2011 CCSP Festival - Bronze
@ Animation / Motiongraphics

2011 Ciclope Festival - Shortlist
@ Best Motion Graphics Animation

In this two motion graphics pieces, we present the new features of the Volkswagen Crossfox. We showed it through the legends of the Saci and the Headless Mule, two famous stories in the Brazilian tale. The voice telling us the story is from a Brazilian punk icon, "João Gordo" leader of the group "Ratos de Porão" .

for English version please click here: Saci & Headless Mule

movie: CrossFox Legends
client: Volkswagen
agency: Almap/BBDO
director: Cadu Macedo
Art Direction: Cadu Macedo & João Lavieri
Animation: Cadu Macedo , Flavio de Paula & Francisco Beraldo
Compositing: Bruno Ferrari, Flavio de Paula & Francisco Beraldo